Real-time monitoring

Biomatics Technology is developing solutions within real-time monitoring. Based on optical scanning technology and advanced algorithms we can provide real-time analysis of cell- and particle concentrations. With the new technology we can analyze and monitor bacteria levels in real-time – 30 minutes – compared to today’s laboratory analysis, which takes up to three days. The analysis is conducted automatically with advanced algorithms. This enables optimization of today’s bioprocesses.


From off-line…

  • 3 days response time
  • Limited optimization
  • Manual procedures


… to real-time

  • Real-time measurement
  • Continuous and frequent analysis


… and possibilities for optimization

  • Provide mapping of process
  • Optimize process steps
  • Identify if levels are above QC limit
  • Improve root/cause analyses
Real-time monitoring of the process
Real-time monitoring of the process
Off-line versus real-time analysis
Off-line versus real-time analysis