Automated sampling

Biomatics Technology is developing solutions for automated aseptic sampling, which can sample directly from bioprocesses. The solution will be installed on the manufacturing floor, directly connected to a bioreactor or process line. The system replaces today’s manual sampling, which is time consuming and often contains a high error rate. The collected samples can for example be stored locally in carousel for later retrieval, automatically transported to a nearby laboratory or submitted for immediate analysis in a directly coupled instrument. This enables for real-time process monitoring and optimization of the manufacturing process.

Read more about Biomatics Sampling System – The first step towards real-time process optimization.


From manual off-line samples…

  • High error rate
  • Limited optimization


… to real-time analysis

  • Automate
  • Possibility for real-time measurement


… and possibilities for optimization

  • Timing of samples and frequency
  • 24/7 sampling
  • Eliminate error rate
  • Continuous process adjustments
Off-line versus real-time analysis
Off-line versus real-time analysis
Automated aseptic sampling
Automated aseptic sampling
Example with delivery of samples in carousel
Process monitoring with sample delivery to central lab
Process monitoring with sample delivery to central lab
Example with delivery of samples to central lab