Biomatics Technology is specialized in solutions for automation and advanced real-time monitoring of biotech manufacturing.


Within automation we are developing solutions for automated aseptic sampling, which can sample directly from bioprocesses. The solution will be installed on the manufacturing floor, directly connected to a bioreactor or process line. The system replaces todays manual sampling, which is time consuming and often contains a high error rate. The collected samples can for example be stored locally in carousel for later retrieval, automatically transported to a nearby laboratory or submitted for immediate analysis in a directly coupled instrument. This enables for real-time process monitoring and optimization of the manufacturing process.

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Real-time monitoring

Within real-time monitoring we are developing solutions for optical scanning of cell and particle concentrations. With the new technology we can analyze and monitor bacteria levels in real-time compared to todays laboratory analysis, which takes up to three days. The analysis is conducted automatically with advanced algorithms. This enables optimization of todays bioprocesses.